Getting Started

Working with OpenRegistry is no different than working with any other container registry. We'd love for you to try and use OpenRegistry and provide feedback. Following are the steps to get started:


The sign-up process is essential as Pushing to container repositories is a restricted operation and requires proper authorization. You can still browse through and pull container images on OpenRegistry if you do not wish to sign-up 😃 . Once you sign-up, you'll receive an Email verification link which is essential to activate your account.


Once Signed-up and with your email verified, you should be directed to OpeRegistry logged in and thus enabling you to unleash the power of Pushing container images

In addition to the above method, you can also choose to sign-in with Github which is literally the shortest and easiest way to connect with OpenRegistry

Using docker CLI:

Now comes a very tiny part which might feel a bit tricky. If you have signed-up with email and normal flow, you can use the same username and password for Docker Login. However, with Github you'll have to generate a PAT (Personal Access Token) which will serve as your password for Docker Login. Don't be spooked by it, it's super simple. Just follow this guide for
Github PATsopen in new window and you should be sorted. If you still find it difficult, we're here to help so just Hit Us Up!! 👍🏻

To summarise:

  • for normal auth flow (through sign-up/sign-in)
docker login
Username: janedoe
Password: <Password you used to sign-up>
  • for Github flow (Sign-in with Github)
docker login
Username: janedoe
Password: <PAT from Github>

Push an Image

By default with docker push the images are pushed to DockerHub. For Pushing images to OpenRegistry instead, the image must be tagged first:

  • Add "" prefix to every image that has to go to OpenRegistry
  • Prefix the image name with your username (or Github Username when you sign-up with Github)
  • For example, you have an alpine:latest image that you wish to push to OpeRegistry, use the following to tag the image:
docker tag <image-name>:<tag><username>/<image-name>:<tag>

so for user: janedoe and image: alpine:latest, the command will be

docker tag alpine:latest

Pushing the image works the same way as docker

docker push

Pull an Image

For pull Operations, all you have to do is copy the docker pull command for any image from OpenRegistry and run it as it is in your terminal.
To pull the above image from OpenRegistry:

docker pull

How to Run this project locally

OpenRegistry is not Go Gettable right now because of a dependency issue with Go-Skynet. To build this project locally, please use the following method:

git clone
make mod-fix
go build
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