About - OpenRegistry

We are a small team of developers working towards decentralizing the container experience. OpenRegistry is open source and aims on remaining so forever. Checkout what are containers for extensive guide and journey of a container. The idea of decentralization is what drives us.
We're motivated to take on centralized services and making them decentralized. OpenRegistry is our initiative/ first step towards achieving that goal. We are committed to bring the change and make this product for people by people.

Why yet another Container Registry?

OpenRegistry is an Open Source and Decentralized Container Registry but you've heard it already. What's different about us? Let's first understand how we operate:

  • We use Akash for compute which is a decentralized cloud provider offering their services for a very affordable price
  • Secondly we use Skynet as our storage layer which again is a part of Decentralized internet movement and offers services for a very reasonable price.

With OpenRegistry, we want to promote and build around such ecosystems to help provide best of the services to Developers without having to worry about rate limiting, changing their developer workflow or paying too much. We are trying to build a model which when reaches it's goal will make it almost free to use OpenRegistry forever. Simply put, the price is inversely proportional to the number of users we get.

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